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Moody days in downtown toronto

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Blue hour reflections at emerald lake. have a great weekend! 🤙🏻

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Valley of 🔥

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Morning light in the bernese alps 🇨🇭

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A few favourites from italy!

1- rome
2- manarola
3- venice
4- florence

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Columbus circle in new york city 🗽

2 weeks ago comment 149 star 13,130

A morning in lucerne, switzerland🇨🇭

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A few different takes of lady liberty. which do you like best? 🗽

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I just wrapped up three awesome days in budapest! here’s a shot of the chain bridge with the hungarian parliament building in the background. this city is amazing and i can’t wait to share more images 🤙🏻@budapest_official #visitbudapest

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A short series of my favourite bridge in nyc - “the willy b”

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I’ve just landed back in europe! over the next 24 days i’ll be making my way through hungary, czech republic, and germany. i’ll try my best to get some posts up during the trip but in the meantime you can follow along on my stories. cheers!

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Happy 185th birthday toronto! here’s a few shots my hometown. which do you like best?

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