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I’m jimin, my friends are namjoon l**o (which friend are you 😂)

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Q: opinion about txt(new bighit boygroup)?

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Phew,, that hong king air

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Stop flirting park jimin i have a weak heart

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I understand that we all want to see them in real and i would want to meet them at the apple store in hk too but we should still give them some space but not keep following them 👀
cr s2kkp

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I had a solo visitor. at the dawning it the day. she filtered through my window. dressed in the suns pale morning rays. we sipped silently on dewdrops. as the world woke from its sleep and she handed me a promise of a life wider than deep. “i am the hunter of all shadows. darkness can’t live when i am near. i will give you a life that’s free of doubt, worry and fear. everything you’ve ever wanted will fall right into yours palms. every path will be the right one. and every ocean will be calm. “there’s just one thing.” i asked politely. “will i be happy once it’s done?” but she had slipped out from beside me. like the quickly setting sun. 💌⁣⁣ ↴
i found myself with an intruder. after the world had gone to bed. it seemed his clothing has some darkness, woven into thread. as i stared he told me boldly. that i had nothing he would take. he come calling just to tell me of a promise he could make. “i am your every fear embodied, your fear of the dark, your fear of the deep, dark oceans and the hallowing waters. i am your doubts inside a form. i am the unknown in the oceans and the raging storms in the summer. but i can give you a life with endless hopes for you to chase, where your heart will never slow back down to normal resting pace. and if the days made you a promise. that is better than this seems. just remember it’s when i’m around, you allow yourself to dream. 💌⁣ ↲

look at this shining glowing boy. even with wearing these glasses and his disco ball earrings he still manages to look so effortlessly beautiful and i fall i love with him more and more. but also look his big, plump lips because these are one of the things i love and adore most about jimin. also i added tae’s recent twitter post because it makes me insanely happy at how cute he is. but also did you hear his moans because i sure did.⁣ ❦

how is everyone today ? ⁣

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Imagine you walk into your class and you see jungkook who is the new transfer student in your class.
comment your latest emoji- thats your reaction🤩
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