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[ on a stormy night ]
during my last trip to iceland we decided to go to a less known spot to wait for the aurora borealis. @kaihornung and i had previously researched this spot a bit without finding much material on the social media from this spot, which often is a rare case! because of this we have decided not to geotag the location. we often hear how big of an impact social media has on locations and how devastating it can be. there’s always pros and cons but in this case, no geotag! it is rather easy to find though!
the night here was our last night, the forecast said the sky would clear up and it did! the aurora borealis appeared in the horizon, not the strongest i have seen and this made it a bit hard because it would have to work as the only light source to lighten the surface and surroundings. so in this case we had to shoot with shutterspeeds between 10 and 20 seconds, normally it’s not a problem but during this night we had to fight some extreme gust winds and biting cold temperatures! we came home with material but i had hoped for a stronger activity from the aurora, maybe next time!
shot with @canonnordic

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Color palette ⠀
1,2,3,4,5 ou 6 ?

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This pom pom solar system from @thomasalm3ida is giving me all the heart eyes 😍😍 this is so clever and fun. what a great idea! 💗 heidi (@the_harmony_tree_house )

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plush solar system
do you have a child with a serious fixation for anything related to space? then feed his enthusiasm with these smooth and colorful planetary pom poms. this is an easy project for crafting beginners that kids can be involved with. look at pictures of the planets together and talk about the color preferences for each one you make. perhaps you will learn new things about the universe just as i did.
we took our time making each planet using the extraordinary wooden tool made by @pom.maker. there will be a bit of a mess left behind by the wool, but nothing a vacuum cleaner can't fix. it was fun working as a team with thomas and he seems very happy with the end result. now, he even shares his bed with the planets.
if you have any questions about the project, please let me know.
check out my highlight (solar system) for more details. #whpcolorwheel #piapolya

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It is what it is.

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